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About Tazelaar Media

'The Five Ws and One H' constitute a formula of six questions for getting the complete story on any subject. Based on this golden rule in journalism, this is the complete - yet brief - story about Tazelaar Media.


After working for market leading publications like Auto Motor en Sport and CARROS, I started Tazelaar Media in 2010 and have been working as an independent motoring journalist ever since.


Tazelaar Media produces news articles, test reports, technical analyses, background stories, interviews, press releases, full press kits, translations and facilitates photo and video productions.


I am based in the Netherlands and for parts of the year in Texas. I am willing to travel to any given place to gather information that is needed for a truly good story.


‘When’ is up to the customer, because deadlines are ‘gentlemans agreements’ that I respect and can only follow. Deadlines are the deciding factor between news and history.


The automobile is one of the greatest and most influential inventions of mankind. I eat, sleep and breathe cars and can’t stop talking about it. Use that to your advantage.


From PR managers to close friends, ancient books to the internet, and from a quick drive around the block to extensive testing. There are basically no limits to how we gather information.

When you see the tree you’re about to hit, it’s called understeer. When you can only feel it, it’s oversteer.

Walter Röhrl – multiple world rally champion

International Partners

Tazelaar Media is proud to be an active member of some of the world's leading independant organisations in automotive journalism.

International Engine of the Year Awards

IEotYA is an annual competition for car engines by UKIP Media since 1999. It is judged by a global panel of motoring journalists based on fuel economy, noise, smoothness, performance and drivability.

Texas Auto Writers Association, Inc.

In 1985 TAWA was founded to provide an avenue of professional growth, development and networking with the automotive industry. It promotes quality and accuracy in journalism among its members.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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Wim Oude Weernink


Automotive news is one of the strongpoints of Tazelaar Media. Working for publications like Auto Motor en Sport, CARROS and Autovisie lead to more than a decade of experience and thousands of news articles.

Aston vs Bentley

Ferrari Team Holland

Social Awareness

@Tazelaar_Media we believe in providing content, strictly based on demand.
Nowadays, so called 'social media' arise and thrive, based on entities compulsively regurgitating personal trifle, completely unaware of how they aggravate their surroundings...
We rather stick to the facts, with an occasional and innocent form of entertainment.


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