Ford Mustang GT | For better or worse

Europeans are ecstatic about the Ford Mustang finally – and officially – coming (back) to the continent. Significant technical changes were necessary though, to make the new Stang suitable for the old world. We travelled to Texas to have a go in the 2015 Mustang, and Ford was kind enough to roll out two test cars.┬áSomething turned out to be very wrong though. Read more

BMW Z1 | Zukunft

The BMW Z1 is an interesting little car in many different ways. It wasn’t just the start of a completely new series back in 1989. It was also a technical tour de force that costed as much as an option loaded 735i. Sadly, this high level of innovation also kept it from showing up in American showrooms.

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Ferrari Testarossa | Renewed Love

After spending almost thirty years in the shadows, the iconic Ferrari Testarossa has caught the attention of collectors and auctioneers. Not even five years ago these greatly under-appreciated Grand Tourers were available for less than forty thousand dollars. But today, with the classic car market almost spiralling out of control, prices are rising rapidly and everybody is talking about how cool the Testarossa actually is…

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